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Check out the wide range of our premium products and experience our swiss passion for quality.


Experience our passion for great breads


Why choose swissbake

We are committed to serving your premium baking requirements


Global Sourcing

We procure premium, naturally sourced ingredients from reputed manufacturers across the globe.


Swiss Expertise

Our products have been formulated by Swiss Cereal technologist and bakery ingredients experts.



We keep ourselves updated in the latest technology right from product development to customer service.


Extensive Research

Our products are the outcome of years of research and over 40 years of knowledge in bakery technology.

Our Blog

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4 Ingredients to Bake artisan baguette using SwissBake® AROMA-TIC - A...

4 Ingredients to bake Baguette using SwissBake® AROMA-TIC - Active Sourdough Sta...

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Surprise your customers with these summer special waffle variants

Only a decade ago, waffle variants didn’t exist and the toppings on them were li...

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Aroma-tic - Bake Your Imagination with a gently dried sourdough

Aroma-tic, a one-of-a-kind bakery solution, is a dry active sourdough starter th...

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5 Features that make Potato Buns a great bun for your Burgers

Today’s QSR market segment is full of intense competition with brands continuous...

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Serving the growing demand for vegetarian bakery foods

We live in a country where religious values are interwoven into the fabric of ev...

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3 Creative products made using Brownie waffle mix

Brownie waffles offer a unique twist to you regular golden waffles or chocolate ...


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