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A versatile Premix for Rustic Italian Pizza Crust

 A versatile Premix for Rustic Italian Pizza Crust

Perfecting the authentic Italian pizza can be a struggle, even for the most professional chefs and bakers. A small change in ingredients or their ratio can drastically change output results.

Swiss-Bake Italian Pizza premix 30 offers you a simple and reliable solution for getting that perfect pizza crust every time. Swiss-Bake being one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a range of Pizza solutions, can provide you a complete solution for all your pizza making need.

At Swiss-Bake, our goal is to provide our clients with highest quality ingredients that can reduce the preparation time and make the entire dough making process simple and reliable. We also support our clients with original recipes from renowned chefs across the globe so that they get consistent and high-quality results each time.

Swiss-Bake Italian Pizza Premix 30 is a concentrated mix for use at a maximum dosage of 30%, to give the pizza a more intense taste & color. This concentrate is perfectly balanced premix obtained from a mix of durum wheat, wheat germ, dehydrated wheat sour ferment, malted wheat flour and selected blend of enzymes.

This premix can be mixed with flour to give great character to your pizza. It increases the water absorption power of your dough and imparts a typical natural fermented taste and aroma to your crust. The special blend of enzymes helps in both direct processing method and refrigeration method using dough retarders or chill blasters. 

Advantages :
The all-natural ingredients, perfect browning, and the malty taste are just a few benefits of Italian Pizza premix 30.

Here are some of the other benefits:
- Eliminate inventory of dough ingredients
- Save expenses by not purchasing expensive mixing ingredients
- Deliver consistent quality, every time
- Less preparation time and skilled labour required
- Supports the retardation process well

Ordering from Swiss Bake is as easy as making our pizza base mix– It only takes a few minutes. Contact us and let us know about your requirements, we will be more than happy to help you out.