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Triple Chocolate Mousse

Triple Chocolate Mousse

Attention professional bakers! Elevate your dessert offerings with these exquisite chocolate cups filled with velvety vanilla mousse and adorned with fresh berries. This recipe will impress even the most discerning customers and showcase your expertise in the art of fine pastry-making.


SwissBake® Mousse Vanilla 400g
Cold Milk 1000g
SwissBake® Mousse Schoko 400g
Cold Milk 1000g
Dark Chocolate For Garnish



- Place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl.

- Whip it on high speed for 6 to 7 mins until smooth and raised.

- Arrange 5x5 - 2nos cake ring, wrap it clean wrap and pour 20 to 25gms of dark chocolate mousse, refrigerate it for 15mins.

- Make a lighter version of chocolate mousse by adding vanilla mousse to it.

- Pour second layer of chocolate mousse in the glass and again refrigerate for 10 mins.

- Now pour the third layer of vanilla mousse in the glass and again refrigerate it for 10 mins.

- Garnish it with dark chocolate shavings and serve it.