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Sourdough Starters for your Premium Pizzas?

Sourdough Starters for your Premium Pizzas?

The sourdough starter is a blend of flour, water, and various yeast strains, derived entirely from natural sources. This traditional method of leavening has been utilized for over three millennia and is a substitute for commercial baker's yeast. The mixture, commonly referred to as a sourdough starter, is the result of a fermented process.

The use of Sourdough in pizza dough provides a distinct, natural sour flavour and contributes to the attractive golden colour of the crust. Additionally, it supports dough development, resulting in a light and airy texture. As a result of its unique properties, many professional pizza chefs worldwide have incorporated Sourdough into their recipes to offer their clients an unparalleled taste and dining experience.

AROMA-TIC by SwissBake® is a dry, active Sourdough starter that provides a convenient way to incorporate the sourdough powder into any pizza dough recipe. To utilize it, simply add AROMA-TIC to your flour and water during the mixing process, instead of traditional baker's yeast, to achieve an authentic sourdough pizza without sacrificing taste and texture.

The utilization of AROMA-TIC in pizza preparation allows chefs, bakers, and pizzerias to provide the following benefits to their customers as well as for their professional baking:

  • A pizza crust with the taste and crispness of a sourdough baguette
  • A rustic aroma and open, light texture in the pizza crumb
  • A unique taste and aroma that sets it apart from other ingredients
  • An unparalleled taste, texture, and aroma profile in sourdough pizza


As a clean label and naturally sourced product, AROMA-TIC is capable of delivering the authentic sour flavor profile and strong rustic aroma to your pizza crusts, regardless of the type of pizza being prepared, such as New Yorker's style or slow-fermented Italian style.

This versatile Sourdough starter has been specifically formulated for direct usage in any type of pizza dough recipe and fermentation method and perfect for use in any commercial or institutional setup.