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Aroma-tic - Bake Your Imagination with a gently dried sourdough

Aroma-tic - Bake Your Imagination with a gently dried sourdough

Aroma-tic - Bake Your Imagination

Aroma-tic, a one-of-a-kind bakery solution, is a dry active sourdough starter that can be used in a variety of breads to enhance their taste, flavour and texture profile.

The clean label and naturally sourced AROMA-TIC is capable of imparting an authentic sour flavour profile with a strong rustic aroma to your breads. AROMA-TIC natural sourdough starter has been developed for direct use in the production of aromatic sourdough breads and other bakery products. 

The secret of AROMA-TIC sourdough starter lies in its meticulous production process. The entire process is a unique three-step fermentation process with controlled microbiological activity followed by gentle drying to keep it active, making Aroma-tic one of the finest innovation in the bakery industry. A specially patented sourdough is made under controlled microbiological activity and forms the basis for

production of Aroma-tic sourdough starter. Carefully selected natural raw materials, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts are used to increase aroma precursors and their effects. The existing aroma is supplemented by further so-called precursors. During the drying process, these precursors are transformed into taste-intensive roasty flavours

Even a low dosage of AROMA-TIC sourdough starter enhances the taste of baked goods and helps to develop a pronounced aroma in the crumb. A sourdough bread made using Aroma-tic sourdough starter will have the same texture as a bread that has been fermented for a long period of time, a parameter that is quintessential to this genre of baked goods. 

Aroma-tic sourdough starter not only allows you to bake original specialty breads with ease but also helps to give consistent quality each time thus making it a preferred option for bakers looking for modern day techniques to produce traditional baked goods with a golden past.