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Country Sour dough fruit and nut loaf.

Country Sour dough fruit and nut loaf.

Sour dough bread with a delicious twist. Crumb is chewy and is stuffed with raisins and bits of crunchy walnuts. The crust … Crispy, crackly and delicious. You can slather it with cream cheese and enjoy the delicious bread any time of the day.

Fresh Yeast or Active Dry Yeast (30gm)   300 gm
T65 Flour / Bread Flour    750 gm
SB SourTeig 25 (Dehydrated Ferment)   250 gm
Water approx.(preferably filtered)    600 gm
Chopped Walnuts   100 gm
Chopped Raisins    100 gm
Chopped dehydrated Figs / Apricots   100 gm

*Chop all the walnut, raisins & fruits to same size

* Soak the nuts & fruits in luke warm water for 30 min.

* Drain the soaking water before using the fruit mix


  1. Mixing Time (approx.) : 4 mins slow 5 mins fast
  2. Dough temperature : 22°C - 24°C
  3. Bulk fermentation : 30 mins
  4. Scaling weight : 500g
  5. Knock the dough, divide it into 2 equal parts and make round balls.
  6. Final proof: 40 to 50 mins approx. under 75% humidity and 33°C.
  7. Baking temperature: 220°C with falling temperature of 210°C
  8. Baking time: 40 mins approx. for 500g of dough

Mix all the ingredients in the mixing bowl along with the fruits & nuts. Remove from the mixer and make up the dough for fermentation. Once bulk fermentation is done, scale the loaves and shape or mold as desired.  Put the molded balls for final proof. Load the loaves in preheated oven and give lots of steam for initial 20-30 seconds. Bake approximately for 40-45 minutes for 500g-loaf size. Remove the breads from the oven and cool on a wire rack for at-least an hour before slicing.


  • This bread is best if consumed within the first 1-2 days of baking. If you prefer make 2 small loaves. Eat one + freeze one.
  • To freeze, wrap your bread in plastic wrap and then in foil. It should last up to 1 month under this condition.
  • All ingredients are to be weighed using a digital scale for best results.