"RISE OF WAFFLES" - The Growing Popularity Of Waffles - SwissBake

"RISE OF WAFFLES" - The Growing Popularity Of Waffles

"RISE OF WAFFLES" - The Growing Popularity Of Waffles

Originally from Belgium, waffles have been around since the 10th century and its recipe has evolved ever since to the sweet staple that it is today. It was only in the mid-1960s that waffles became part of the American breakfast and there has been no looking back for this modest dessert ever since. A lot of the credit to its being known worldwide could also be given to the internet boom which helped make it a household name in many countries. In Asia particularly, the key to its popularity has been the egg-free version without compromising on the taste and texture of the original product.
The popularity of waffles has also steadily increased due to the recipe variants and its ease of portability allowing it to be a popular mobile snacking item. Setting up a business around waffles is also relatively simple and low on investment and expertise and therefore in the last few years has seen a tremendous rise in popularity within the QSR segment. Innovative combinations like waffle sandwiches paired with ice creams, fresh fruit toppings, chocolate chips, variants inspired by other desserts like the ‘tiramisu waffle’ have all been the outcome of innovative experimentation that brings out the culinary expertise of chefs. Not only sweet but waffles can also be made in a savoury variant by pairing it with cheese, herbs and vegetables giving it an interesting taste profile.
Sweet or savoury, along with the ability to innovate has made waffles into an enjoyed and preferred snacking variant of today. There are no doubts that the simple waffle has accomplished this with its unusual pairings and fusion of flavours, textures and forms making it the super duper hit that it is today.

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