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Swiss Passion for Baking

Swiss Passion for Baking

Passion, hospitality, & an eye for precise perfection are all harmoniously blended into the gastronomic Swiss culture. Swiss cuisine is a blend of culinary influences from the love of France, generosity from Italy, authenticity from Austria and history from Germany. Owing to the food culture and diversity, initially Switzerland is popularly known for its decadent Swiss chocolates, aged fine wine, pure artisanal cheeses and a variety of gourmet breads.

The reputation of Swiss baking is world-renowned, and that is no surprise considering the number of bakeries in this food-loving country. Contrary to popular belief, Switzerland’s specialty isn't just chocolate & cheese; breads are also incredibly significant and a staple in Swiss culture with more than 200 distinct varieties.

Every bite of these Swiss-made bakery products carries with it the dedication and passion of our Swiss bakers. Attention is given to every aspect of the baking process, from sourcing local, organic ingredients to baking with time-honoured methods. With the Swiss mastery of this delicate art, and access to modern technology, Switzerland have truly captivated the bakery industry with their expertise.

SwissBake® in association with Trade ’n Bake® Switzerland presents you with their superior Swiss expertise in the bakery industry through our range of Swiss formulated bakery mixes. Our goal is to provide the world with the best bakery products, so we've created a vast array of high-quality and scientifically formulated bakery solutions for breads & dessert mixes, confectionaries, dough improvisers, specialty flours and concentrates.

As technical experts in research and formulation, SwissBake® team of experts have spent years developing convenient bakery solutions for clients across the globe using traditional & original Swiss and European recipes. SwissBake® in its true essence is an example of the exemplary Swiss passion for baking.